My Projects

If you don't know already I do 'projects'. BIG projects and little projects of all sorts. The purpose is frequently to learn something new, plus I just like tinkering with stuff.

The website has two sections projects and hobbies. Some of my projects turn into hobbies, lots just end up as half finished 'projects' (some finished honest).

Coffee Table Computing Cluster

In the years BC (Before Children) I used to have a office, and in that office I had my main PC (which is now replaced with my laptop) and a selection of old computers for "tinkering". These weren't high spec or packed full of gadgets, but were great for trying out "stuff".

So I set about designing a way to get a number of computrers into the house (past the wife).... The "Coffe Table Computer Cluster" was born. Read about it on my blog

AeroQuad quadcopter

Once I started to use Arduino as a development board I looked around for a project. It was a bit (well a lot) ambishous, but I decided on an AeroQuad quadcopter. To complicate matters I decided on building a custom controller board.

I have fully documented my build (still ongoing) in my blog.

Christmas Lights

I decided to build a master/slave lighting controller for brighten up the front window for christmas (ho ho ho). This has involved lots of soldering, learning I2C bus control and a fair bit of programming.

I have fully documented my build (still ongoing) in my blog.

Raspberry Pi Timelapse Camera

I recently won a Raspberry Pi in a competition, cool. After the intial setup I hunted around for a project.....drum roll please....

The decision was a timelapse camera. After a lot of Google-ing and some code hacking I had a working camera :). Its all documented here, and the first video is on YouTube.